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LaCena Brand Mark

LaCenaThe brand mark LaCena symbolizes a visual expression of communication and represents its brand image.
Express the meaning of LaCena as “enjoy pleasant dinner with the best of kitchenware” through combined mark of soft, concise font and talk motive

LaCena Signature_Slogan

The signature is a official transcription which combined perfectly with LaCena brand mark and its slogan based on regulation.
The signature can be applied to various circumstances that you would like to put on by selecting proper form of the signature.
The signature system has been developed combination of top & bottom and right & left for all different application’s condition.
Accordingly, the signature cannot be changed its prportion, space and size.
The color also has to comply with regulations.

LaCena Brand Symbol

The brand symbol, for the method of communication activities at the same time we can consider it is supplement symbol for recognition of brand image.
The brand symbol has to follow its manual regulation for communication and expansion of LaCena since it is representative symbol of LaCena’s image.